Best Funeral PowerPoint Templates of 2019

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Enclosed you’ll find several funeral powerpoint templates for your use. First, let me start by expressing my deepest sympathies for your loss. Having lost my grandfather, I can genuinely empathize with your situation. And, as the one in charge of creating a slideshow for his memorial, I know how sentimental and genuine you want the tribute to be.

As a PowerPoint designer, it made all the sense in the world for me to be the one to honor his life via a slideshow. But not everyone has the design expertise to create a memorial slideshow. So, I have taken the liberty of providing several funeral slideshow templates you can use for your loved one’s funeral service.

These user-friendly templates allow you to drag and drop images of your loved one into the template slides easily. In addition, you can add captions, as appropriate.

For your convenience, fonts used in these funeral service templates are system standards, meaning that you should have them installed on your computer already and have one less thing to worry about.

If you have any problems with the template or need to create something more tailored to your loved one, please feel free to reach out to me at adriennejohnston @

Other considerations for using these Memorial or Funeral PowerPoint Templates:

First, you could use the image for digital invitations to the funeral services

You can use these funeral PowerPoint templates to create a digital announcement to share details of the funeral arrangements.

Second, use the template to create a program for the memorial service

You can use these funeral PowerPoint templates to create a program for attendees of the funeral service.

Third, use the template during the wake

Another consideration is to use these funeral PowerPoint templates to create a slideshow that informs guests of the service the details of the funeral and burial arrangements.